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This page connects you to all of the LJ icons that I have made, organized by fandom. These are all shareable, but follow these rules when taking:

1. UPLOAD to your own harddrive/server. (Right-click on the picture and 'Save Picture As...' to save to your harddrive.)
2. CREDIT in your journal's keywords or user info.
3. COMMENT when taking. Either by email or my LiveJournal.
4. CUSTOMIZE blanks only for personal use and credit me for the base; do NOT share customized blanks.
5. STORE only for yourself; do not put these icons on your website for others, even if credit is given.

Buffy: the Vampire Slayer | Angel: the Series | Firefly | Farscape (under construction) | Battlestar Galactica (under construction) | The Muppets | Miscellaneous TV Shows, Movies, and Music-Related

Email me with questions or comments.