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This page holds all of the fanfiction that I've written. Fic marked R or NC-17 is for adults only. Anyone under 17 should stay within the G-PG-13 guidelines.

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Due South
Ray Vecchio | Ray Vecchio/Benton Fraser (Gen & Slash) | Ray Vecchio/Ray Kowalski (Gen & Slash) | Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski (Gen & Slash) | Other Due South Characters (Gen & Het)
Other Fandoms
Hard Core Logo | Prison Break | Crossovers

Ray Vecchio

All In (Het, Gen, Slash; rated PG-13; 2100 words; summary: The only constant in Vegas is losing. Pub'd 12/2/07)
Be Careful, With Me (Het, Gen, Slash; rated PG; 1400 words; summary: Ray’s life takes shape. Pub'd 11/21/06)
Regret (Gen; rated PG; 450 words; summary: There hadn't been room in his head for doubt. Pub'd 5/12/06)

Ray Vecchio/Benton Fraser (Gen & Slash)

Weight (Gen; rated PG; 450 words; summary: What happened after Zuko's 'message.' Pub'd 9/20/08)
Small Gifts (Pre-slash; rated PG; 1300 words; summary: Ray gives Fraser a gift. Pub'd 7/7/08)
Tale As Old As Time (Slash; rated PG; 8100 words; summary: “The point is that friends don’t let friends vacation with the Vecchios.” Pub'd 4/2/08)
Our Dancing Days (Slash; rated PG; 1800 words; summary: Fraser – and Ray – had stopped leaping onto speeding trains in the name of justice years ago, but some slights against Canada still couldn’t be ignored. Pub'd 5/24/07)
Love Song (Slash; rated PG-13; 520 words; summary: Fraser brings Ray coffee most mornings. Pub'd 4/27/07)
Five Times That Fraser Made Ray Laugh (Slash; rated PG; 1800 words; summary: Five times, laughter. Pub'd 2/8/07)
A Just Reward (Slash; rated NC-17; 2100 words; summary: “Where are you going with this, Benny?” Fraser just kept staring at him. “Where do you want me to go with it?” Pub'd 1/22/07)
What They Teach At The Academy These Days (Slash; rated PG-13; 2600 words; summary: It’s New Year’s Eve, and somebody’s got a plan. Pub'd 1/3/07)
Heart Held Out Like A Tin Cup (Collaboration with Brynn McK; Slash; rated NC-17; 6000 words; summary: Ray Vecchio was big gestures and deliberate slang and a smile like the sun after a long winter, and to see him like this, quiet and still and so blank, was disturbing on a fundamental level. Pub'd 12/18/06)
Take Me Out To The Black (Tell Me When I Can Come Back): Part 1 (Crossover with Firefly; Gen; rated PG; 2700 words; summary: Fraser has to make a trip for work. Ray goes with him and Frannie tags along. Wackiness ensues, as it so often does. Pub'd 11/8/06)
Sign Language (Slash; rated R; 12800 words; summary: Ray pulled out his badge and held it out in front of him. “Look lady, I’m a cop, he’s a Mountie, we’re after fruit.” When good stakeouts go bad. Pub'd 10/30/06)
A Common Pulse (Slash; rated NC-17; 9390 words; summary: “You don’t have to worry about me, Ray.” “Yes, I do, you stupid Mountie. I love you.” Pub'd 9/15/06)
The Shortest Distance (Slash; rated light PG; 1480 words; Ma Vecchio POV; summary: As though a mother didn't know her own son. Pub'd 7/20/06)
Leis My Mountie Sold Me (Gen; rated G; 900 words; summary: "Fraser, I look ridiculous." "That's only because you don't have the grass skirt on yet." Pub'd 6/18/06)

Ray Vecchio/Ray Kowalski (Gen & Slash)

Blow Me Down (Slash; rated PG; 340 words; summary: It's Talk Like A Pirate Day at the Vecchio/Kowalski home. Pub'd 11/20/08)
The Spirit of Giving (Slash; rated Hard R; 3000 words; summary: What do you get the Mountie who has everything? Pub'd 1/17/08)
Morning (Slash; rated Hard R; 640 words; summary: Ray was starting to figure out why getting up first wasn’t maybe entirely horrific. Pub'd 6/13/07)
All These Stupid Things (Slash; rated NC-17; 1400 words; summary: Every time he turned around or moved at all it seemed, Kowalski would be there pressed tight up against him or have an arm draped casually near Ray’s thigh and the invitation so obvious in his eyes that Ray was surprised no one else said anything. Pub'd 3/20/07)

Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski (Gen & Het)

First Meeting (Slash; rated PG; 770 words; summary: Three men and a baby. Pub'd 4/29/07)
Drive All Night (Slash; rated PG-13; 700 words; summary: Ray loved driving the Riv down long highways at night, with the miles falling behind him and all his mistakes swallowed up in the darkness. Pub'd 4/9/07)

Other Due South characters (Gen & Het)

Winning The Race (Gen; rated PG; Anita Cortez; 830 words; summary: Anita Cortez was eight years old when she first heard the story of la tortuga y la liebre. She thought it was dumb. Pub'd 4/30/07)
Feelings Are Boring, Kissing Is Awesome (Het, Slash; rated R; Fraser/Vecchio/Anita Cortez; 1400 words; summary: It had ultimately been Anita's idea. Pub'd 2/15/07)

Hard Core Logo

Windblown (Gen; rated R for themes; John Oxenberger; 930 words; summary: When John was young – a duckling, a chick, an egg – he knew how to fly. Pub'd 5/14/07)

Prison Break

Contact (Implied slash; rated PG-13; Alexander Mahone & Michael Scofield; 720 words; summary: Since Sona – even before that, if Alex was honest with himself – Michael had always been the one in control. Pub'd 7/8/08)


The Justice League, Seattle Chapter (Due South/Supernatural/The OC crossover; rated PG; implied Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski; 3500 words; summary: Sometimes the strangest things start in the most unlikely of places. Pub'd 11/13/08)

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