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Welcome to SDWolfpup's site!

Here you will find my fanvids, fanfic, LJ/GJ icons, and links to other sites, including my LiveJournal. Please use the links above to find your way.

10-8-21: Removing wolfpupserenade(dot)com as my primary homepage, so most links are probably going to be broken now. I'm no longer updating this website, but will be keeping the sdwolfpup domain. You can find me on Archive of Our Own, Dreamwidth, Twitter, and Tumblr under sdwolfpup!
7-24-09: Added two new videos, one for Due South and one for Grease
1-4-09: I finally added all of the fic I've written in the past year and a half. Mostly to the Due South section, but also added a new Prison Break section
1-2-09: Added three new vids, one to the Due South page and two to the Misc Vids page

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